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InkPass Terms and Conditions

Payment Process and Fees

When you purchase an InkPass, after payment is successful, the InkPass Digital Asset is automatically transferred to the wallet address created using your email address in Step 1.
Additional costs are automatically added (and displayed at the time of payment) to the price shown for the tattoo booking to cover the blockchain transaction and payment processing fees. The additional cost may vary at different times due to variation in the underlying cost of creating and transferring the InkPass Digital Asset to your wallet on the blockchain (known as Gas Fees).

Secondary Royalties

In the event that you sell your InkPass on a secondary marketplace, an additional creator fee/royalty consideration of 6.9% (in addition to the related marketplace fees) will be deducted from the amount you receive for any such sale. This is to cover ongoing costs including (but not limited to) maintenance of the InkPass platform.
This is a standard practice associated with secondary marketplace transactions of blockchain based digital assets aka NFTs.