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InkPass by MattyLaBoosh

This Gold Edition of InkPass by MattyLaBoosh is the first InkPass release.

Step 1

Connect a Digital Wallet
InkPass currently uses for sign in. Just click Connect, enter your email and follow the instructions (it's really simple).
When you return to the site you will be signed in with a digital wallet that will receive your InkPass after purchase.

Step 2

Buy an InkPass by MattyLaBoosh
Gold Edition
1 Full Day of Tattooing
Initial Supply of 69 (0 remaining)
Introductory Offer
£200 (+ fees*) - Until 6th March 2023
(normally £350+)
[ Connect Your Wallet ]

Step 3

Book Your Tattoo (online booking coming soon)
For now, you can book by contacting Matty via Instagram or Twitter

Step 4

Get Tattooed!
In addition to your tattoo, your digital InkPass NFT will give you exclusive/priority access to other digital releases throughout 2023 and beyond. More details coming soon...

Tattoo Booking and InkPass Redemption

In preparation for your Full Day Tattoo Session, Matt will communicate with you for (where necessary)
  • Administration of booking, and managing your appointment.
  • Your design, including working together to find reference, initial sketches, final design and any amendments.
  • Upon completion of the tattoo(s)(multiple sessions)/booking(s), your InkPass will be classed as Used, and marked as such, using the Blockchain - at this point it can't be traded or transferred or used again.
  • Further to the InkPass being Marked as Used, where applicable Matt will procide you with the Digital Artwork for your Tattoo as a Digital Collectible. Which is yours to do with as you wish, Collectible and Artwork.

Cancellation and No-Shows

  • If you cancel with 48hrs notice, or more, and you do not wish to rebook at the time of cancelling, your InkPass will be Valid until its 1 year expiry.
  • If you do not show up for the appointment your InkPass will be marked as Used, and no longer entitle you to your Full Day Tattoo Seesion.
  • If you cancel with less than 48hrs notice your InkPass will be marked as Used, and no longer entitle you to your Full Day Tattoo Seesion.